7 Best Android Translucent Camera Applications

7 Best Android Translucent Camera Applications

The development of android operating system in recent years, make the android developers create applications that are very sophisticated applications such as the application to see through clothing, logically it is difficult to imagine how the application works with X-Ray Scanner feature that can scan internal organs and can also scan people without clothes.

The Immature Camera Application On Android
not only in android only, the application of the invisibility camera is also available for iphone phone, blacberry, iOS, and also can be used in various brands of android phones like samsung, lenovo, sony.

Best Android Translucent Camera App
1. Xray Scanner Camera
such as the name used for this application, Xray scanner provides features with X-ray scanning for internal organs such as hands, coconut, chest, legs. Software android camera scanner is in addition to using the camera phone directly can also scan a photo or human image.

In general android software is now a lot of help us all like for example google’s applications. Where google want to provide benefits that are so great for us like google maps app, with google maps app we will easily find a place that is difficult to find and if we want ketemuan with someone we tiggal show our location through google maps.

The applications we discussed also provide benefits such as for example you can know the structure of the inside of the body even though this is not the original part of our body. Android developers create programs that may also be useful for all of us. the android software makers are scattered in Indonesia may one day will be able to create a good application and also very very powerful for us to use.

2. SexyBooth +
this one application you can use for free with a feature that can see people naked that make our fantasy increasingly craze. with this body scanner android app you can see the body part that you scan as well as Body scanner at the airport.

Download the see-through camera android apk can through the links that we have provided below and also on this page you no longer need to search on google. The advantages of this application is you can see what is behind the coat or cover our body clearly and real original. Maybe for you ever anybody think how ya how to make APK translucent cameras for this HP huh? indeed we ourselves also do not know how to make additional cameras penetrate these underwear.

There is a brand that produces this type of camera is a nomao brand where by using the organ detection tool this body can find a variety of unique things in the body. Apps android pierced the clothes you are looking for that is really genuine and can be used in general if in my opinion there is only for medical or military purposes so if made for the public is not allowed, but if for fun fun you can download free application of this best android translucent camera .

7 Best Android Translucent Camera Applications13. Free Prank Body Scanner
This application is an application that you can use for friends, in this application there are several options doto X-ray is a human skeleton image and also a photo of a monkey. How to use it is quite easy that command your friend to lie down and move your smartphone to scan on top of his body and after that will appear a transparent image behind your friend who turned out to be a monkey.

The kind of translucent lens for the HP camera may be different from the HP default, there may be additional so that we can see something very crucial in our body. So for those of you who wish to see the inten can use additional lenses of different types.

4. Moosejaw X-Ray
this application is different from scanner program photo above, this software can only be used to scan photo catalog which only issued by Moosejaw. How to use it is easy enough, That is by opening this application and navigate to the existing model photo cataloged moosejaw and you will see the photo is naked or just use the underwear only.

5. Application Camera Translucent View – Xray Prank Scanner
This application is used to see women’s underwear that men desire, and not just see the body of women only. Men can also be targeted by this application. So you both for men and women should be careful if you see others using this application.

6. Download Software Looking at Women’s Body – Human X-Ray Scanner
Android software for the next outfit is Human X-Ray Scanner. This application can see the skeleton of the human body and its internal organs. but you do not have to worry because the picture is just a joke. this application is perfect for outsmart friends. so for those of you who like fun happy you can try this cool android app.

7. Camera application Translucent View – X-ray Fun Scanner
Next is SinarX Cute Scanner. this app is not a true application app to dream about women’s clothing. but only a fun fad application that is designed specifically for toys only. if you want to work on friends and to be funny, this application is perfect for you to use because the main purpose of making SinarX Funny Scanner is for the entertainment of the android users only. The category of this app is a clothing overlay application where you can see women’s underwear.