Apple iPad Air 2 : Full Trusted Review, Price, Details, Specifications

Apple iPad Air 2 : Full Trusted Review, Price, Details, Specifications
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Apple, the brand that is continuously changing our ideas on computing world. Will it be enough to go for a new Ipad? Will it be long-lasting, Is it possible that it will be more efficient than that of a laptop. Obviously you all will be filled up with this idea but here we have the all new Apple IPad air 2 that will fill up the world of opportunities for you. It is one of the excellent product as it ha many developed features than last year launches. The IPad comes up with polished edges and catalogues of applications to choose from.


More accurate, More refining,More polished and promisingly thinner than other versions. You won’t find anything as thinner like it as it can be compared with a pencil or with a magazine. It is evenly lighter than Apple Ipad Air though no one complained about Apple Ipad Air yet it seems that Apple are focusing more on their light weight and sleek design so that one won’t feel any sort of difference holding it on the hand or carrying it in a bag. Let’s take a look about its texture and it’s size and shape. It is solid in shape with sharp metallic edges and can easily be suspended in an edge though we never tried to bent it as we wanted to use it smarter.

A variety of colour combination is available with it other than what is given by default. You can also avail the new gold feeling rather than the stubborned grey metallic texture.


The all new Apple Ipad Air 2 comes up with a touch Id that is seen most i last year’s Apple Iphone 5 models. The one touch finger print identification is also there to make you feel secured while your transactions and device security related issues. The touch Id is pretty hard for the newbies to use it as it keeps on moving around rather you have to flip that to get it. If you are a pre-user then it won’t prove to be a big deal for you.

One thing that Includes here is the Apple pay that is creating a big din in the market for it’s one-touch payment options. The full process is very fast and very efficient yet most cards don’t meet up with Apple Pay-Ready that is the great problem in whole outcome.


Apple Ipad that comes up with nearly a 10 inch screen, also comes with A8X processor that is very effortless and moreover extra graphics is also there than IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus. You will also get a 2GB ram to boost up your performance. After carrying up numerous step the overall performance was average. If you are an editor or a serious graphics expert then you will find it to be most useful. Rather average users will find it to be a dream machine. If you are a regular user and you mostly stream videos and play small apps then you will find it to be most useful.


Frankly speaking about camera the rear sight is really more efficient and it is better than Apple IPad air at 8 mega-pixel than 5. Comparing with IPhone 6 and Iphone 6 plus you won’t find it similar in respect to focus, Auto focus, Focus pixel and all. You will find it pretty similar to that of Apple IPhone 5. Though you will find no flash in it. Though the front camera is just 1.2 mega pixel yet it proves useful for the presence of f2.2 aperture.


Well speaking about the connectivity, one could experience some recent tweaks that include a Wifi 802.11ac. A M8 motion coprocessor is also there to support you up. Lastly you won’t be experiencing any Sim Card support if it would have been there then it could create a big difference in the whole product.

Battery Life

Apple claims that it will come up with a battery life of 10 hours, pretty good as most of the device in the same field last long for this amount of time. Though if they would have provided few more hours standby then it would be most welcomed. Even if you use your device wisely by not availing features on gaming and running display for long hours then the battery life could be optimized a little more.

Price and Verdict

It is coming at a nominal price of $500 for 16 gb device and $600 for 32 gb device and lastly $860 for 128 gb device. The device is remarked to be good, efficient, light weight, reliable. It is one in all combo. No doubt that this device is better than current Ipad. If you are really planning to get an Ipad for past few years then I suggest that you should really look out for this. Don’t think twice as it will probably last long for few more year than what normal device does.

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