Best Android Apps for College Students

Best Android Apps for College Students
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Everyone knows today’s generation is modern and you cannot imagine your life without smartphones. The truth of this generation is that you cannot find even a single college student who does not use innovative gadgets. Every college student uses smartphone not only for entertainment but also for his study as well. Android provides a large number of apps that is helpful for college students and can be very informative. Students know about plenty of useful apps that fit his or her needs, keep him or her up with times and boost his or her studies.

Here is a list of best ever Android apps for college students.

1.) Evernote :-

It features like bookmarking, composing, clipping and much more makes this one of the best apps for college students for taking notes. The web version of this app is also available because most of the students work more on laptops, this web version takes care of them that sounds cool. Evernote app not only famous for its notes taking ability but also provides to-do lists to students.

For download this on your Android phone click here:-


Hence this is a paid app. The free version is available with limited features.

2.)  Dropbox:-

Every student needs to collect notes, seminar, workshop and tutorials according to their subjects, whereas Evernote free version gives only 65mb free space. For storing all the informative data student needs an alternate app. For this reason, Dropbox occupied the second rank in best Android app for college students. There is no requirement of Dropbox if you have the premium version of Evernote. Worldwide sync across the Internet is the most amazing feature of this app. You can say this alternative of google drive because it gives 2 GB space for storing all study stuff.

For download Dropbox on your Android phone click here:-


3.) Dictionary.com:-

The most helpful tool for reading, writing, and understanding is a dictionary. Those students who prepare for the exam only one week before the exams held, probably the toughest task for them is to complete their syllabus in just one week, during this one week period they use the dictionary to find the meaning and definition of words. It’s hard to search quickly for word as in a dictionary. Here is this app helpful in the quest for the proper definition of the word. Dictionary.com is a perfect place for words with over 2 million of definitions, synonyms and antonyms included as well. This app helps in growing your vocabulary through audio pronunciation.

For download this app for Android click here:-


4.)  Chegg :-

The prices of textbooks are very high and probably the most annoying part for college students. When it comes to all questions of textbooks related chegg has all the answers. Sometimes professors ask for those books that are never used. Here Chegg will help us because Chegg is a website where we find books for renting and buying at cheap price and its app version has even more features. Chegg is like a library of over 2.5 million guided solutions, eTextbooks that can be read on your Android phone and 7-day access to rental textbooks.

Another app is Chegg tutor app. It can be downloaded separately and helps you for getting the answer of any killer homework questions at any hour of the day by connecting you with live tutoring help.

For download Chegg app on your Android app click here:-


5.) Mint:-

Time and the money are two important resources that are often lacking in college life. College students often suffer from money problem. Mint.com has an extensive library of personal financial info. which teaches how to manage the budget, it will keep track of your bank accounts, spending habits and help you to make a suitable budget you can live with. If you want to save some money for summer or spring trip, its financial goal tools can help you.

For download mint.com on your Android mobile click here


That’s our list of best Android apps for college students hope you like it. College life also comes once in life so make new friends, have lots of fun and also utilize your time with these apps and make your life easier in technology.

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