Cydia Guide: All you need to know before Jailbreaking

Cydia Guide: All you need to know before Jailbreaking
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Cydia application is something that will really help you to do something that’s called Jailbreaking in IPhone as it really helps you to prevent all restriction and operate your device as you will like. Many a people often go for Jail-breaked device and they notice something called Cydia but they are unaware of the simple fact that what the meaning of this application is. How is it useful? It’s significance? These are something that we skip forward in everyday life but today I will give a brief description of what this application really is.

Cydia and its Uses

If you are a beginner or a starter or be a learner then firstly go and seek whether Cydia is installed in your device as if it is installed then you will be able to add thousands of tweaks that’s currently now available in the App Store for you. You will not get only tweaks in Cydia but it will also offer you paid tweaks that are the best part in this application.

At first it will take a little time to start up that will solely depend upon the network speed but after it is completed you will see the homepage that will consist of 5 sections in the footer part so let me start explaining the whole outlook.

Complete Guide

At first let’s break it into some section, breaking it up and then summing all the things will really give you some appropriate idea about the whole thing.

  • Cydia Homepage.
  • Cydia Section to browse tweaks.
  • Manage Sources and Searching features


Here one will be easily able to manage all sorts of tweaks and customize all sorts of themes. One will also be able to manage everything under desired categories. Moreover browsing tweaks becomes easier. Not only it resides here but one will also get their appropriate search result from here.

What more can I do through section, well if you are really planning to blast things off then you can easily go for something called installous, you will be able to add that from Cydia and it will let you to avail many facilities.

We also have a guide based on how to install Installous from Cydia.

Updates and Upgrades

Well performing updates and upgrades become a piece of Joy as Cydia opens all the opportunities to do so likely. It will show you those tweak that there in Upgrade section and whereas daily updates can be easily done through Cydia.

Well if you are still confused with that then you can refer this video. This video isn’t my property but am adding it to make your point of view clear about the topic.

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