How to download KingUser Apk

How to download KingUser Apk
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Kinguser app is basically used for managing root permissions. This app is intrinsically the alternative of the SuperSU app and, it contains many advanced features and functions that supersu have. Generally the app is used after rooting your device and help you out to use rooted apps conveniently.

As we know an android phone can be more personalised after rooting, but pursuing root access is not only sufficient, it is necessitated to have the app to manage root access. If you are an advanced user of  the modern era than Kinguser apk can be a good selection.

Features of Kinguser

  • Kinguser gives a perfect competition to supersu and it has many more advanced features.
  • You can manage root permissions very consonantly with this fantastic Kinguser application.
  • Another prodigious part of this app is that the app is absolutely free.
  • It contains very advanced and unique feature that makes it the first choice of the users.
  • The app includes an uninstall tool– which means you quickly can uninstall the unwanted apps of the system that acquire more space in internal memory.
  • This app can edit the list of the apps very easily which starts when your device boots with the Auto-start function.
  • Amazing one click optimises function to accelerate the speed of your smartphone.

Keep in mind

  • Kinguser apk is the unyielding app which allows rooting your android 2.3 to 5.1 without any hindrance.
  • If you are worry or in doubt that whether it will affect your data or not, then don’t worry no data like pictures music videos will be affected.
  • After using this tutorial the warranty of your device will be abolished.


Rooting your device depends upon certain parameters  like chipset of the device, additional layers built by the manufacturer and much more. It is very complicated to built a universe root tool that roots every device, but now kinguser app is here and this app has highest chance to root every android device running on Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Kitkat to the latest android Lollipop.

List of devices that are supported by kinguser:-

  • Samsung devices
  • Htc devices
  • Google/nexus devices
  • Sony devices
  • LG devices
  • ZTE devices
  • Huawei devices

It is one-click root app which installs the following modules upon execution

  • Su binary: Su binary is the most important part it will installed to the system>>xbin directory on your handset.
  • King user: This is the alternative version of supersu app which, manages the root permissions of your device. It also can be used to remove and disable the apps.
  • King master: this is another app which improves the device performance by archiving notifications and making app hibernation automatic.

How to install Kinguser apk

  • First of all, navigate to settings >> security >> device administration >> unknownsources then enable it on your device.
  • Download and install kinguser apk on your lovely device
  • Once you have installed the app, you can see Kingroot icon on your launcher menu.
  • Just tap on the Kingroot icon to launch the application.
  • You can see the option given, click on start root button to begin the process.
  • Now Kingroot app has started rooting process on your device.
  • Within few minutes you can see a big green tick displays on the screen, that signifies that your process has been completed.
  • Just reboot your android device, you have a smooth and rooted device now.

Bottom lines

Like other gems, Kingroot apk is one of precious gem of rooting the world as it has some advanced function. Formerly Kingroot is a substitute of Supersu app which manages the rooted functions and apps of your smartphone. According to your ROM information, it setups the most suitable Root strategy for your device, so it is very necessary to  have an active internet connection while rooting.

This app is the best tool for lazy people, those who just want to have root access without any complications and don’t want to glance any third party recovery into their lovely device. It can work on almost all the device from Android 2.x-5.0. This is a fantastic app that one can have to access their rooting device. Comment below and feel free to ask for queries, share your experience.

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