How to Root and Uproot your smartphone With root master app

How to Root and Uproot your smartphone With root master app
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Root master is a faster and secure application that roots your device without any difficulty. This app is used to root the android device so that one can have full control over their Android general. The amazing part of root master is it can easily be run, and it doesn’t need any PC for it. Rooting your smartphone with root master is not only comfortable but secure too as no damages or brick reported on any mobile device.This fantastic one click root application will root your device within few minutes.


  • This unusual app will give you spectacular experience as it enhances the performance of your device.
  • Root master app is the great app as it doesn’t ask you PC installation.
  • It provides you access to the more Android applications.
  • You will become the king of your phone as it will provide you access to the subsystem of your device.
  • Rooting will grant you precise android app managing facility
  • Not only this it extends your battery life, and you can easily exercise your device.
  • Root master rooting app acts as a hotspot controller.


  • Facilitates you to have the easiest interference with functions and multiple screens.
  • The latest version you need to download is 2.11.
  • This app amazingly roots your device without any installation in PC.
  • The important thing you need to note is that it is compatible with Android 1.5 cupcake to Lollipop, Android 5.0 version.
  • Most phenomenal thing is that it includes the ability to unroot your device

What is Android Rooting?

Rooting is a procedure which grant you the access to use everything that your smartphone have. Normally the users do not have right to open the locked feature and remove or replace the premium features. So now rooting is the thing which gives you the root access. Rooting let you go beyond limits, you have the power to play with root functions and apps.

To run the application like Set CPU , Titanium backup, Superuser, etc. you will require administrative permission. Rooting is a risky process as it involves the modification in your OS running on the smartphone. Therefore you need to do everything very carefully and use a right guide.

Steps to Install Root master

  • Download root master apk.
  • Install root master apk as a regular app or game.
  • After installing the app now, it’s time to start the app, to begin or launch the app, simply click on “start.”
  • Now see if your device is compatible or not if it is compatible then just proceed to next step.
  • Once you’ve clicked the “start,” you will see “Rooting on your screen.”
  • Congratulations finally you will see a success screen.

How to Unroot your device

  • So your first step is to download ES file explorer from Google play and don’t move it to the sd card.
  • Now you need to launch the application and click the slash button.
  • To reveal new options tap the phone menu button and root explore setting it to on.
  • Then allow superuser to give root privileges to the app.
  • Go to the system folder then “bin” folder and find “su” file.
  • Just select SU folder by continuously click on it and then delete.
  • Navigate the “x bin” in the system folder and delete the “su” file.
  • Then in your system folder delete Superuser apk file.
  • Finally, reboot your device your device is unrooted now.

Bottom lines

Root Master app is one of the most spectacular rooting apps because of this app precise with your Android smartphone. After rooting your device, you can easily use each and everything that your phone have without any issue and hindrance.

This app is the extremely secure app as no issue was reported in any cell phone due to this app. This app protects your Android General from brick and damage.

With the help of this app, you will have no boundaries as you can have root access to your device. Root access means one can use every app on his/her device, no manufacturer lock will be there which simply means that you are now the master of your device.

This is a spectacular rooting app that one can have. The Root Master app provides you rooting without PC installation within just one click. If you find any problem regarding this then feel free to contact us or leave a comment below in the comment section and share your experience.


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