How to save your battery life in IPhone IOS 7 and 8

How to save your battery life in IPhone IOS 7 and 8
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The common problem that most of the iPhone user faces is dealing with battery as all of them are tired with this cause. iPhone seems to be one of the product which seems useful to us and it’s always a matter of fun and entertainment. But when time comes upon battery it’s something worse in the whole deal even my phone is affected by this problem and the battery doesn’t even lasts for 1 day. What to do is the question that sprangs in my head every time as I use it wisely and only use it for some calls and I run apps in very less amount of time.

Ouch! I need to fix it, there’s no point running back from it, I need to gather some idea so what I did is that I kept my mobile at observation for few weeks and gather all sort of ideas that really proved to be useful and here I am to share it to you.

Here is the step by step procedure to guide you properly and I bet you won’t be disappointed with it so let’s start from A and finish to Z.

Phone Brightness

The original culprit behind this whole fixture is Brightness that is the basic source of this problem and one needs to fix it to get rid from the whole fixture. How you can fix it, shall I completely turn it off and led my screen to dark nope you can just set in auto brightness mode that will handle the whole procedure and will adjust accordingly.

Turn off Spot Light Search

Spotlight is one of the best application in the field of IPhone as it helps you to find things quickly and is really a reliable application in time of emergency. Well if you just disable this application it will prove a little worse but it will save a lots of energy for you and will help you to cope up with battery drain problem. How to disable it, it’s easy just unchecked all application in settings related to it and rest will be done automatically.

Auto Lock

A serious problem in this outlook, I suggest to you that you should not wait for auto-lock as it leaves the phone on and drains most of the energy. Try starting the habit to turn it off manually or you may just shorten the time of locking the phone a bit shorter say about 1 minute. Still manual locking is the best.

Connectivity Issue

Take a look to Network connectivity panel that includes WIFI, GPS, 3G, 4G LTE as all of them are some major cause of battery draining. Keeping them ON will constantly drain your battery while turning them off will conserve your battery. Bluetooth is also a major source of this problem if it is kept On so make sure that it is turned Off.

Parallax and Dynamic Background

Try to disable parallax and Dynamic background as they are one of the major source of this problem. This effects are recently introduced in IO7 and looks very good with 3D effects yet it’s nothing but a major source of loosing battery life. You can easily disable parallax in setting and instead go for static wallpapers that proves to be more awesome in the whole outfit.

Auto Update

IOS 7 and IOS 8 are really quick in launching new applications so remember not to keep auto update on as it is the major source of problem in terms of battery as it drains more than what connectivity does. Try manual updates by going on ITunes or App store and setting the desired time when to update.

Also try to limit your notification panel as it awakes the screen time to time when a notification steps out. You can always limit your notification by going to the privacy section.

Extended Battery Pack

Well am not here for any promotion of any product just giving you an advice that you may or may not buy an extended battery pack to improve your device battery function. How to do it, it’s easy you will easily find lots of application to choose from apple store. An application named Normal is there to help you to fix this problem.

Well I may suggest you that rather buying something try all this process as you will surely be satisfied with it rather switching to something else won’t prove useful to you as it includes investment. Well try your best luck with this process and am again mentioning that I bet you will be helpful rather if you have any question then do comment below.

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