Modern Combat version 5: Blackout – A Detailed Review

Modern Combat version 5: Blackout – A Detailed Review
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Modern Combat one of most popular android game these days in between the mobile and computer users. And now Modern Combat 5 version released for a number of different kinds of devices and can be played on different operating systems directly or with some help. In the new version option of high quality graphic is available for the users on a desktop or a personal computer. The brilliant graphics is properly balance by an exciting storyline or match plot and also with a daring game play. The special effects such as lighting or fog will absolutely make you an admirer of this particular game.

Graphics and Levels of Modern Combat-5: Blackout

Modern Combat-5: Blackout’s graphic become intersecting as user start thrown open to story. These thrown pull the store to the several upper level and give more options to users for further playing. To play this game the devices must have proper sound system with high quality graphic card.

The game has different level, first level start with the Venice leading to store and temples of Tokyo and then move to many other places. Some during your journey you get confused because there are large numbers of location which are provided to you for travelling. In such situations there is voice action that helps you keep track on your path.

As Modern Combat 5: Blackout is available for different devices but it is best game for computer. If you are playing the game on laptop or personal computer one can take help of mouse and keyword both. Also can play with one of them. You will discover the entire alternative displayed on both the sides of the screen. Left side of the monitor will have alternative for progress of the characters while the right side have the alternative for using the arms such as gunfire, reloading or aiming. In case of the keyboard alternative, the player can decide different buttons for diverse alternative.

Features of Modern Combat 5

As this is the advanced version of Modern Combat and it hold lot of feature which attract the game lover. Because new features make this game a perfect piece and player likes to spend lot of time on this game.

A few of features are mention below:

  • Can be played on internet:

As to play new version of Modern Combat needs internet. So you can easily play it at your home in the relaxing mood with the help of good internet connection or Wi-Fi. So you need not to go outside to play this game. You can take enjoy of your home Easiness.

  • Multiuser game

The new version is multiuser so you can enjoy this game with your friend. You can also play this game with your online friend. Actual presents of other player are not necessary in this game. You can enjoy game with your online virtual friends. Also you can take pleasure of different campaigns such as death match and VIP mode. Also this multi user options gives the player more powers and weapons so they can enjoy the game more than the previous version

  • Interactive Graphic:

Flawless graphics, music and voice concert with flawlessly integrated cut scenes. This new feature makes it more interesting to play the game. As there voice is compulsory in the new version which helps the player to keep track of their journey and help them if the player divert from their path.

The small Mission Option in Modern Combat 5: Blackout:

In the new version player can choose the small length mission. So the player you want to enjoy the game for small interval can select the small interval mission. Using this option they need not to stop the game in the middle of any mission. They can choose the mission according to their time availability.

Spectator Mode: Using this feature one player can view the progress of other player in the game. For this he need not to talk with the other player, it is seen to player automatically. So now player can take pleasure in other people battling in the game.

Chatting Options in Modern Combat 5: Blackout

New version provides the chatting option within the players of Modern combat 5. Player can chat with each other’s and can discuss about the game during their battle and plan their move accordingly.

Fast paced story missions

This feature helps the player to move fastly from one destination to other. It happen very fastlly. Player can take challenges of taking you from Tokyo to Venice

More weapons

Now player can get more weapons compare to last version using the lower-tier ones in the new version of Modern Combat 5.

How to download and play the game

Getting the game on your desktop is very simple, one who have basic knowledge of computer can install it on computer. For the installation of game one need to have the emulator Blue stacks installed on your desktop. If you have not although, if you do not have emulator Blue stacks you can take it from internet. Here are steps which you have to follow for installation of Modern Combat 5-

  • Begin Blue stacks and enters the Modern Combat 5 in the search box of the Blue stacks for PC. (Also if you have not Blue stacks on your computer then you can get it from the Blue stacks website and download & install the Blue Stacks on your computer. Blue stacks you get will be in APK file format)
  • Choose the game from the output come and then after that you just need to click on the install alternative given there.
  • The Modern Combat 5 will automatically install directly on the personal computer and can be unlock from the My Applications part of the Blue stacks.

So now you get the game on your system and game is ready to play. To play the game double clicks on the Blue stacks Icon on your personal computer desktop and stay for it to load totally. Now from the All Apps option, you have to locate the game which you had already installed on your system. Click on the Modern Combat 5 icon and start enjoying the game.

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