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Google Introduces a New Follow Feature

November 1, 2018

Google has just come up with a new follow feature for its users. This feature is found in the Google maps. Its main target is various businesses as it aims to help business in getting updates from other businesses. According to the Google, all the users of the Google Maps now have this opportunity of following their desired places using the application. Which means the users can now follow all their favorite places, the places they have been, or all the places they want to visit in the future. They can follow their favorite restaurant, their favorite hair salon, their desired outfit store, crockery store, etc. Following these places has a great benefit. The users will get updates from the places they have followed in the Google map app, like if there is some event happening there, or there might be some performance lined up in your favorite restaurant, there might be a sale at your favorite outfit stores. You will get notifications about each and everything special that is going to happen at that place. Isn’t it amazing to get updates about places you love? It is I believe. Google has indeed done a nice job, as always.

Google Maps is no doubt the most used application for navigation systems. People reliably use it when they are not aware of the ways. According to a research conducted in the United States, the number of active users of Google Maps only in US counts to 150 million. Such a huge amount and that too for a month only. Google keeps on working to bring innovations to increase users. The newly added feature is indeed going to increase its users once people get to know about the new feature.

Facebook as a competitor of Google

Google kind of felt that Facebook could be a competition for them, so it tried every possible way to retain its users. It kept on adding new features for its users so that they won’t switch on to Facebook. When it saw the increasing number of active users on Facebook, Google came up with Google+. Google had become aware of the fact that people want to socialize. Hence it made a social website named Google+, but unfortunately it couldn’t come up to the mark. It failed to catch as many users as found on Facebook.

Everyday people use Google for searching different things. The number of searches made by people daily when put collectively makes a huge amount i.e. 3.5 billion. When the daily number of searches makes such a huge amount, can you think people would be able to go a day if Google shuts down? That would be impossible. Everyday people come up with new searches. They need a platform to search for things that they do not understand. And, that platform is none other than Google. It has been serving humans for a long time now.

Google also came up with the Google Lens. If you want to know more about an image, you can simply put it on Google and know more about it using Google Lens.