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Launching on ProductHunt and marketing it on different social media platforms

October 30, 2018

If you are a creator and love to create new things which can be services or products. In order to benefit from these creations it is necessary to advertise these creations so that people can know about the products or services that you have created and are likely to offer to the public. To advertise these products or services a user can share their creations on social media platforms which does help a lot but there is a specific platform which will help you a lot in advertising your products and it can be a game changer for your creations. This platform is known as the ProductHunt. So ProductHunt is a community that deals with different products that are being created in throughout the world and are reviewed by many people from all backgrounds. This platform helps a lot in creating a network for the creator and if his or her products are good and they have received good feedback from the right people then there are many chances that his or her work can be reached to the right people who can support your work by investing on it or supporting you by partnering up with you.

There are some tips before you launch a product. It is recommended that you first experience the environment like a simple user, checking out different products, liking your favourite products and leaving comments on those products that what you think about them. Try to communicate with the right people who are related to your domain. This may help a lot as there are many CEO s that are looking for new ventures to acquire them or support them if they need. Make sure to create network first.

Once you are done with networking with the right people then start uploading the introduction of your products in terms of advertisements on different social media platforms. This will create more awareness among the people which will be great once you will launch the product. People will have different questions about the products so try answer them all so that they can know about the products from the creator itself. You can also use some software to track the internet traffic through your ads which gives you an idea that how many people are interested in your products and what things you have to change in advertisements before you launch the product. When this is all done, now you are ready to launch the product.

Use different social media platforms like Twitter through which you can start a thread by an attractive title and can start the conversation related to the product. Just like this you can add Facebook posts regarding the creations and also share it through stories too which will be very effective for marketing purposes of your products. You can also use Snapchat and Instagram to market your content. Use other software too which will help you in marketing and advertising, managing your social media accounts and maintaining, analyzing the internet traffic towards your website.