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Social Listening Strategy for 2019

October 28, 2018

As everyone is aware of the social media and since everyone has access to it, one biggest benefit it transfers is the social listening strategy. This strategy, also known as social monitoring, has given access to the social conversations. Many brands and businesses are taking benefit from this. It helps the brands to stay connected to their customers, competitors, and everyone who is related to the brand.

Previously, social media was used for communicating purposes only. But now social media has emerged as the biggest networking platform ever. Businesses need social media in order to grow and to be successful. Businesses know the importance of social listening. Therefore, they make it a part of their business.

Tips for Creating an Innovative Social Listening Strategy

Be clear about your goals

When you’re running a business, you should be determined about your goals i.e. what you want to achieve. Social listening enhances performance. Hence, you should be aware of your goals in order to design those strategies that can not only bring you profit but also enhance your performance.

If you will be clear about your goals, you will be clear about your mission and vision. Knowing the main goal and objective is very necessary for the survival of any business.

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Knowhow about the market

Having a knowhow about the market where you are going to launch your product or business is very important. Social listening connects you to platforms like news sector, blogs and forums. You get to know about a lot of things about your brand via social listening.

Identify your target market

Social listening strategy involves identifying your target market. Once you know, which customer you need to target or serve, you’re going to find your best and loyal customers. Social listening can help you find your ideal customer that is always going to prefer your brand before any other brand.

Lead Generation

This strategy involves searching for the social media followers like, Instagrm followers, facebook following, fan following etc, who admire your product. And on the contrary, it searches for people who are discontented with the competitor’s product. Social listening is going to help you find the people who like your product. This process consumes a lot of time but it is totally worth your time. Secondly, you can approach people who are dissatisfied with your competitor’s product.

Customer Service

The most important use of and benefit of the social listening process is the customer service. People use social media as a mean for conversing and communicating. They address their needs, wants, and complains to their brands using social media. Therefore, to build strong customer loyalty, it is essential on the part of the brand to respond to their queries in no time. They should be very quick in responding to their customers.

Communicate to your audience

If your customer mentions your brand in a tweet or in a status in a positive manner, the brand should always consider their feedback and reply to them in a positive manner. Communicating to your customer transfers value to your customer.

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