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Whitney Scott Mathers: 3 untold facts about Eminem’s adopted daughter

November 3, 2018

Whitney Scott Mathers is the youngest of the three daughters of Rap of God, Eminem. She is living comfortably with Eminem and her two elder sisters. She is the biological daughter of Eminem while he adopted her after the troubled relationship with his ex-wife. Whitney is the biological daughter of Kimberly Anne Scott and Eric Hatter. Her father had drug charges and he was run-ins with the law at the time of her birth. Eminem has mentioned her daughters in his songs that secured a soft corner in the heart of his fans around the world. His lyrics tell the story of his life’s event that raises inquisitiveness in people about knowing about his private life especially her daughters. They eagerly want to know what’s happening in his life and what his kids are doing. Check this untold facts about Eminem’s adopted daughter, Whitney to quench the thirst of your curiosity. Here we will unveil some hidden truths about the youngest daughter of Eminem.

Whitney Scott Mathers Biography

Whitney was born in 2002 after the divorce of her mother with Eminem. Her mother had the affair with a drug addict Eric Hartter and her birth was the result of their brief relationship. Later, Eminem has the full custody of Kim’s daughter Whitney Scott and he deeply loves her.

Adopted Daughter of Eminem

However, she is the biological daughter of Kimberly Anne Scott and Eric Hartter but as now she is not living with her biological parents. There is not too much information about her biological father but it is confirmed that he was the convicted criminal and drug addicted. On the other hand, her mother was also arrested due to the drug possession charges and she was not financially stable to take care of her daughter. This became the big reason for her full custody of Eminem.

Whitney’s life:

Whitney’s father Eminem tied the knot for the first time with her mother in 1999 which couldn’t long last and ended in divorce after two years of their marriage. Her mother, Kim had some legal issues. So Eminem adopted Whitney Scott Mathers from her ex-wife after her birth. Since then, she is residing with Eminem and his two daughters at his house in Detroit. While growing up she spent more time with her elder sister, Hailie Jade who is the biological daughter of Eminem and Kim Scott.

Whitney in Eminem’s Songs

Despite the fact that, only Hailie is Eminem’s biological daughter but he loves his all three girls equally. He mentioned his all three daughters in his lyrics time to the tome that is the inspiration of many. Mathers (Eminem) mentioned Whitney in his song ‘Going Through Changes’ during his concert.


Currently, Whitney Scott Mathers is living happily with his father and two sisters. She is enjoying a stardom life as a star kid. Hope you enjoy the untold facts of Whitney’s life that are full of father-daughter love. Leave a comment in comment section.