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Why to prefer Apple over Samsung in terms of smartphone and gadgets also

October 29, 2018

There are some debates that seem like never ending. For instance, we have Coke vs Pepsi, Marvel vs DC, Ford vs GM, Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks, android vs iOS, and Apple vs Samsung. These rivalries do not seem to be ending any time soon and you might want to pick your side today. Here, we will take a peek why one may choose Apple over Samsung. No harm intended to any Samsung user or his or her feelings. We are just giving an opinion and some reasons for why to prefer Apple over Samsung in terms of smartphone and gadgets also.

iPhone tend to receive apps first

Whenever companies, especially the high end ones, are looking to get the apps developed, they usually ask for iOS versions first. It is why we see most of the apps being listed on iPhone App Store first before coming to Google Play Store. The reason is the iPhone is considered a high end smartphone and most of the people using it usually have a bigger say in the market which is why companies tend to target iPhone users first and we see apps coming in App Store before they reach Play Store.

Instant OS updates

When we receive a phone, the biggest problem arises with the firmware update. Usually, the android devices come with late updates or won’t update at all. Even if there are, you will have to go through lengthy and time taking processes to get them up and running in your phone.

However, Apple immediately sends the instant OS updates to all its users as soon as an operating system comes out of testing phase and is ready to be deployed in the market. No irritation or installation troubles, no other issues, just simple smooth transition to a new operating system.

Device wide search made easy

What you would do if you have to conduct a device wide search on Samsung? Firstly, most of the devices don’t have this feature and if some do come with any kind of device wide search, they are not very accurate.

Meet Apple’s Spotlight, a tool that allows you to search for anything over your phone. Literally, you can look up for anything starting from your apps to your contacts to emails and messages and even tracks. What’s more? Well, you won’t have to fire up another app to search on Google because Spotlight has an option to search on web too.

Enhanced security

Apple is far more secure than android devices. According to a report published in 2015, 97% of all mobile malware targeted android users. On the other side, it is stated that only 0.7% of malware threats are capable of penetrating and infecting the devices of iOS users. One reason for such high diversity can be the fact that android has a higher share in the market and the number of users for android is significantly high as compared to iOS users. Still, iOS appears to have better security.